Wood Spindles (Balusters)

Our wood spindles (or balusters) are available in 36 and 42″ lengths and are stocked in red oak, maple and american poplar.  Other species of wood are available, upon request.

These spindles are all made with two laminates to ensure that they do not warp over time. Colour matching is very important to us so that each spindle looks like it is only made of one piece of wood. The blocks and turnings on all spindles are sanded and ready for stain and paint.

All spindles are shown in maple, except where otherwise indicated.

S4S Spindle

1⅝” x 1⅝” S4S Spindle

1¼ #9.5 Spindle

1¼” x 1⅝” #9.5 Spindle

1¼ S4S Spindle

1¼” x 1⅝” S4S Spindle

#10 Spindle

1⅝” x 1⅝” #10 Spindle

#9.5 Spindle

1⅝” x 1⅝” #9.5 Spindle

#4 Spindle

#4 Spindle

#6 Spindle (shown in oak)

#6 Spindle


#3 Spindle (shown in am. poplar)

#3 Spindle (shown in American poplar)

#2 Spindle

#2 Spindle


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