Railings are something that most people take for granted but they serve a very important safety role and often a pivotal design element in our homes and offices.  Quality railings must incorporate form and functionality, they must be sturdy while being elegant, modern or contemporary.

Hand Rail:

All of our rail comes with 1⅝” dado, ½” dado, or no dado/solid (excluding #23).

#23, #21, #25, #29 Handrail Profiles

#23, #21, #25, #29 Handrail Profiles

Dimensions of rail shown from left to right (available in lengths up to 16′):
#23 – 1-9/16″ wide by 1-9/16″ high 
#21 (bread loaf) – 2½” wide be 2½” high
#25 – 2¼” wide by 2½” high
#29 – 2¼” wide by 3½” high

The #25 and #29 handrail are supplied with square corners, this makes it easier for the installer to find the center of the railing and allows for a customized finished to your project. You can create a round over or bevel to fit your design needs. Our team can manufacture the railing with finished edges or a custom sized dado upon request for an additional labour fee. 

Base Rail:

Solid, 1/2″ Dado, 1 5/8″ Dado Base Rail

Dimensions: 2⅞” wide by ¾” high in lengths up to 16′, comes with a 3/16″ rounded edges.


1/2″, Double, 1 5/8″ Fillet

From top to bottom: ½” fillet, double fillet (sold as two pieces), 1⅝” fillet.



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