Custom Millwork

Canadian Oakworks manufactures many profiles of casing, baseboard, trim or header material to suit your needs. We can replicate existing profiles, or create something new to make your home truly unique. We stock mouldings in maple, american poplar, red oak, cherry, and can custom manufacture mouldings in species including alder, beech, hickory, walnut and white oak. Other species of wood can be milled, as requested. Below are some examples of the many mouldings we supply.


Left to right:  Round one edge (R1E), Round two edge (R2E) – 1¼” x 5/16″



Left to Right:  1½” nosing, 2⅛” cap moulding, 2½” tread nosing


Casing and Crown:

Left to Right: 356 casing, C311 casing, 3″ R2E casing, crown moulding



Straightened, machined four sides, sanded on one face.  Comes in various widths, lengths and species.


Custom Millwork:

Please contact us for information on custom baseboards, casings and mouldings.





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